The brief type: When Marie Antoinette stated, «allow the chips to eat meal,» it might were because she had been hogging all the Michel et Augustin cookies for herself. Youth friends Michel and Augustin found in secondary school, and, whenever they discovered their unique sex 9-to-5 jobs to-be unfulfilling, they started a cookie company with a foundation in French pastry. Fast ahead 13 decades, and also the two friends have actually practices in France and New York and so are seducing globally along with their cookies, pastries, yogurts, mousses, also sweets made out of simple, pronounceable components. The duo additionally will teach aspiring bakers that mastering the skill of French pastry is attainable through their unique cookbooks and entertaining open household courses. Michel and Augustin’s dream is not difficult: to really make the world smile and come together over a shared love of candies.


The story of Michel et Augustin started merely sufficient. Two men began palling around in middle school and became good buddies. But, just like many adolescent friendships, both parted means after graduation to follow along with their paths.

Michel discovered themselves doing work in money in nyc, and Augustin ended up being doing work in marketing and advertising for Air France. But both eventually turned into disillusioned aided by the 9-to-5 grind of the world of business. They reconnected and also the duo devised a wild plan to learn all 1,263 bakeries in France and develop the basics of the greatest confectioneries the country had to supply. They typed a novel about this — their own first cooperation!

After doing their journey, in 2004, Michel and Augustin aproned-up and set out on another adventure: baking in Augustin’s kitchen. Their own goal would be to create a type of cookies alongside sweets fashioned with 100 % natural ingredients and really love. And, after tirelessly evaluating and tasting above 300 meals, their own very first concoction was born: the small spherical butter cookie. Michel et Augustin came into this world!

The two found rapid success, plus they continue steadily to innovate much more delicious designs, like a decadent yogurt in a container, that has been discovered only one time Michel and Augustin noticed their particular valued cow could produce over butter. They advertise their products together with the trademark «kookiness» plus the happiness they infuse in their tasty snacks.

Spreading a Love for French Pastry across World

Michel et Augustin is about more than simply making a tasty cookie. The business is curved on attracting from France’s rich culinary record to create masterful desserts.

«it isn’t about cookies — it is more about a passion for French pastry,» mentioned Lily Dionne-Jermanovich, Michel et Agustin’s Communications and information Director. «everything we make is related to French pastry practices. There is a very strong relationship with pastry producing as a business.»

But Lily informed united states an affinity for and expertise of French pastry is not only reserved your product developers (they call them the «recipe staff») at Michel et Augustin. A portion of the businesses kooky society is sharing the passion and knowledge of pastry producing therefore every member of the group, in France and Brooklyn, can train become a French pastry cook and use the nationwide examination (referred to as a «C.A.P.»). Because of this, everybody is able to participate in innovating brand new quality recipes and talk knowledgeably with enthusiasts, clients, and people.

«once per week in France as soon as per month in ny, our Banana Farm («office») turns into a pastry class in which our company is going right through a traditional curriculum of French pastry and education for any certification,» she mentioned. «It doesn’t matter if you are a web page developer or perhaps in sales — the opportunity is actually promoted regarding.»

Though Michel et Augustin offers a far more expansive products in France, the organization sticks towards the same principles and concepts of creation for several items.

«the one thing all our items have as a common factor is actually a real focus on style and also to the ingredients,» Lily said. «We focus on the top quality and convenience of the ingredients, and then try to keep your element listing as pronounceable possible.»

This effects not only in a yummy decadence, but additionally a treat you can easily feel good about consuming with your someone special.

An accumulation of Treats excellent for Sharing With Your Sweetheart

Thereis just anything about revealing candies that begins the day appropriate or ends up a perfect date. And Michel et Augustin’s projects had been meant for merely such occasions.

«It is a moment in time of extravagance at the conclusion of a date,» Lily mentioned. «It is delicious making with thoroughly clean elements, which helps make the moment much better. It feels good to engage.»

With so many deserving goodies to select from, there is no must choose one. While there’s a lot of even more solutions in France — from chocolate mousse to decadent yogurts and, needless to say, one-of-a-kind snacks — there’s a lot of solutions in the US also.

Lily ended up being rapid to suggest the perfect goodies supply to or take pleasure in with that someone special.

«the popular cookie is actually our 4-Cookie Squares,» she mentioned. «they’re like little square tarts, may be found in three tastes, and certainly will be so easily provided. We supply Cookie Buttons, which are hazelnut candy processor chip cookies with hazelnut ganache inside. They come in packages of two — one personally, one for you!»

For partners just who really enjoy their early morning routine collectively, Lily informed united states Puff Palmiers tend to be an attractive a.m. option.

«they might be puff pastry and taste like Elephant Ears,» she mentioned. «they are extremely light and flaky and just the thing for discussing over break fast with coffee or at beverage time.»

Whether you and your honey are chocoholics or appreciate the delicate butteriness of caramel (or everything in between), Michel et Augustin has actually a worthy combat for discussing (or sneaking down with for your own clandestine cookie event).

Get Involved From the Banana Farm

Michel et Augustin’s approach is the fact that the delight of candies is within the sharing. As a result it should be no surprise area engagement is actually a large the main organizations company purpose. Most people are welcomed to cease in and chat (and style snacks) at their unique Banana facilities (practices) in Paris, Lyon, or Brooklyn.

This mindset started at very beginning regarding the company and is part of the key. And Lily noted this philosophy is exemplified within the organizations open residences.

«straight away, Michel and Augustin opened the doors regarding apartment to next-door neighbors, friends, customers, and passersby, for those to provide them comments, to flavor cookies, to flavor new meals these were evaluating, and spend time with these people and mention the things they had been performing,» she stated. «its something’s really important to united states nowadays.»

Open home from the Banana Farm occurs from the first Thursday of every thirty days in France and nyc. Lily told all of us these occasions provide an easy method for all the organization to provide back again to the community by teaching them in regards to the record and techniques of French pastry.

«We invite everybody else, family, buddies, clients, and customers to come share recipes,» she said. «We perform flavor assessments, focus groups, and perform video games. It is an actual neighborhood occasion.»

It is not only fun and tummy-pleasing to go to, in case you do not have a cookie companion, think of all the other treat aficionados you might meet on Banana Farm. After all, if someone wants Michel et Augustin addresses, you understand they’ve got good taste, and you should have something to bond over.

Michel et Augustin: dedicated to Random Acts of Kookiness

In real Michel and Augustin type, the duo started a Random Acts of Kookiness effort to motivate and delight the public. From a tribute to Michael Jackson towards the cookie square event in addition to their torrid Greek story, Michel and Augustin infuse hilarity and happiness into all they do. You can observe exactly why their unique goodies are addicting — they’re made with 100 % natural ingredients and great vibes.

Up subsequent for any company is a unique cookbook whose goal is to aid US visitors yet others overcome the intimidation connected with French pastry.

«We’re producing a French pastry cookbook your me, and it is about enjoying these very difficult recipes,» Lily mentioned. «We’re busting it down and saying it can be done. Whenever we can, everyone can, and then we’re discussing all of our development.»

Michel et Augustin can be seeking start their famous chocolate mousse in the US.

«the fantasy for our candy mousse is to seduce The usa’s preferences.»

And, after tasting their cookies and various other treats, the US is without doubt in for a long romance thereupon mousse.